IL2 BoS Patch 1.05 release

Changle log for v.1.005:
– A temporary solution for TrackIR 3 issue wass found and implemented. Start the game, then close it, find the configuration file in <game folder>\data\startup.cfg, find the section [KEY = input] and set the parameter as shown: old_trackir = 1
– Needless extra keys for dropping bombs and launching rockets removed. The corresponding functional bugs were fixed as well;
– AI planes should correctly stay in formation when approaching the action area for attack or bombing;
– La-5’s engine start procedure fixed;
– Incorrect axis invertion fixed for La-5’s inlet cowl shutters controls;
– Fuse delay in German planes should now be adequate to the settings you put before the flight;
– Several corrections in Russian localiza have been removed;
– Sounds of hangar should turn off automatically when a mission starts, a corresponding setting has been also added to the Sound settings menu;
– Exhaust flames on IL-2 should now correctly work in replay tracks;
– Animation of machine gun and cannon firing trigger was fixed for Bf 109 F-4, Bf 109 G-2, Ju 87 D-3.

And one more thing goes as a hotfix:
– The delay between input and action when controlling stabilizers of Bf 109 was fixed;


 Update on the Master server on November 14th (no client updating is required)
A plane destroyed by the gunner should now be counted as a kill for both gunner and the pilot. The Coalition points are taken only for killing the pilot;
– If a player destroys a plane (or any other object) after being shot down (while falling down in a burning plane) the kill points go to his stats anyway;
– If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane quits the flight while in the air, the attacking player still gets the kill points;
– If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane leaves from the server, the attacking player still gets the kill points, and the leaver gets death points as a penalty.


You can discuss the version in this thread


Quelle: IL2 BOS Forum

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