IL2 BoS Patch 1.07

Am 03.12.14 wurde Informationen zum Patch 1.07 veröffentlicht

Quelle: Il2 BOS Forum

– Polish localization added;
– A tree was removed from a runway near Davydovka;

– Signal fires were moved to correct positions at the Illarionovsky airfield;

– Model of the prop twist on FW 190 fixed;

– The bug with sun filter on Ju 87 fixed;

– Head plate shadow bug that appeares with a turret installed was fixed;

– Shadow and SSAO bug on removed flaps fixed;

– Lag between pushing the button and firing decreased from 0,1 sec to 0,02 sec;

– Collision with invisible objects on Lapino and Tatsinskaya airfields fixed;

– The bug with AI wingmen taking off on Fw 190s fixed (both tail wheel and engine management flaws removed);

– The issue with a damaged plane getting a speed boost fixed;

– Oil pressure indication added;

– Field cannon Pak 38 added;

– Shaking of a slightly damaged plane decreased;

– StuG III Ausf C-D added;

– Color of armored glass framing fixed on Bf 109 F-4;

– Player limit on dedicated servers set to 48. We ask all hosts to decrease the number of server clients in case if tickdelay gets higher than 18ms;

– Time of drawing plane’s skin was decreased;

– A plane that is caught in the enemy airspace after the side rotation on a MP server is no longer getting the „captured“ state;

– You may hear dogs barking in the villlages.

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